Page 3 - Digital Dining

Pretty is as pretty does
Delivery/Online Ordering
Caller ID displays name, address, delivery instructions
and last order with one touch re-order. With
integrated maps, label printing and dispatch register…
Digital Dining really delivers! “Online Ordering” allows
your customer to order from their computer or
smartphone for pick up and curbside service.
Table Management
Graphically view the status of every table in your
restaurant. Customers “hate to wait”…manage
wait times and allow host to easily find preferred
tables. Timed alarms improve service during
your customers’ dining experience…
prompt service equals happy customers!
Take reservations faster, eliminate guess work and
reduce mistakes. Integrated with Table Management,
Loyalty, and the POS, hosts can control tables and
availability without the hassle of double entries…
your host no longer needs to “look for the book”.
Create, manage and control the database of multiple
sites from headquarters. Make menu changes that
effect one store, a concept or an entire chain, and
implement those changes immediately or at
scheduled times. Customizable reports enable
headquarters to gather data from one store, a
group, or all stores, and then analyze data to
improve their profitability.
Menu items and recipes are reduced each time your
server pays a guest check. Update stock takes, print
forms or use DD Mobile and directly enter your stock,
identify variances and take corrective measures
promptly. Digital Dining provides critical information
to reduce waste, lower food costs and increase profits.
Labor Scheduling
What used to take hours, required revisions and didn’t
accommodate staff availability has been simplified.
Schedules are enforced as your staff clock-in,
requiring manager approval for early or late clock-ins.
Our Fingerprint ID ensures no “buddy” clock-ins,
dramatically reducing labor costs. Match staff’s skills
and availability to projected needs…producing the
optimum schedule.
Gift Card
A single store or multiple stores…no recurring
monthly or transaction fees. Marketing promotions
stimulate gift card sales giving customers an incentive
to buy more. Third party options supplement your
gift card sales allowing your customers to buy directly
from your website 24/7 and delivered electronically to
their email or smartphone.
Store vital customer information about your guests
and their preferences and create promotions that
cater to those interests. Create up to 99 unique plans
that reward customers based on dollar value, quantity,
number of visits or by items purchased. Multistore
Loyalty allows customers to use a single reward card
to earn and redeem points in any location.
Not just another
pretty face
In the clouds or at your desk we’ve got the reports
you want. From standard reports to custom report
generators…on your dashboard or on your phone…
a single store or multiple stores…anywhere, anytime
you are in control…now that’s a beautiful thing!
We’ve taken reporting to a whole new level. Using
Digital Dining report generators you can drill down
by time, day, server, table, menu item, profit center
and sales or mix and match combinations. Reports
can reside on your computer or in the clouds, in
excel or XML. You create the reports you need…
just the way you like it!