Page 4 - Digital Dining

Bar and nightclub
Trendy nightclub or neighborhood bar…
you have a need for speed. From automatic
happy hour pricing, displaying drink recipes,
and one-touch reorder to instant cash
transactions and fast tabs, all proven in even
the busiest environments. Our customer
loyalty programs and tableside mobility
allows you to maximize revenue while
enhancing your clubs VIP service.
Table service
Casual dining to white tablecloth we’ve got
the features you’ve always wanted. All print
functions are customizable…guest checks,
prep tickets, server reports are all “tailor-made”
for your operation. You’ll love features like
intelligent couponing, coursing, expediting, timed fire and
hold…and there’s more to love. Using DD Mobile you can order and pay, show pictures of your specials
and prevent identity theft. You can even print guest checks and credit card slips with convenient mobile
belt printers…all done tableside creating the ultimate guest experience.
Quick service
Counter service to drive thru…you can order,
confirm, park and pay with special screens
designed to display up to eight previous orders.
Combo meals made easy…Digital Dining recognizes
menu items that could combo and automatically
adjusts the price. Our “suggestive selling” prompts
additional items…It’s all that and a bag of chips.
Lines too long? Cars backed up? Use DD Mobile
to “line bust”…now that’s quick service.