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Features and functionality are important criteria in choosing POS software, but equally important are the
values and history behind the product. A lot of companies design POS systems; several new ones
pop up every year and many don’t succeed. What really makes the difference? What is really important?
Bringing More to the Table
Digital Dining is known as the pioneer of restaurant
software, with systems installed since 1984. That’s
even before the Internet!
Digital Dining is our only product. Unlike many
competitors, we are not distracted by hardware.
We are singularly committed to developing food
service software.
Because we don’t manufacture hardware you never
have to settle for yesterday’s technology you can
choose from the “latest and greatest” hardware
options available in the industry…we partner with
brands you know and love, like Apple and Epson.
Digital Dining has been developed and enhanced
for nearly 30 years. We are experts in food service
software and technology and have contributed to
many articles in major publications and have been
regularly invited to speak on industry expert panels.
Real software that really works! Solid, stable software
that has been proven in the largest and toughest
environments, Digital Dining is unparalleled in
quality assurance.
One product – multiple venues. From a single
terminal in a food court to independent restaurants,
chains, quick service, delivery, bars and nightclubs,
institutional through to 100-terminal racetracks...
Digital Dining has a proven track record!
Digital Dining can be configured to provide the
must have” features for nearly every food service
environment, incorporating the suggestions and
enhancements of over 40,000 restaurants and operators.
Digital Dining is not written in stone, with seemingly
limitless configurability to suit the specific needs of
the most demanding and particular operators with
custom report generators throughout the software.
From technology’s infancy days of eight-inch
floppies and MPM, Digital Dining has always been
an early adopter of technology. Utilizing the most
sophisticated methods of quality assurance and
automated testing through to complete “how to use”
documentation embedded in the software, we put
the “friendly” in user friendly!
Adapt or die! Digital Dining was one of the first to
introduce a PC-based POS system to what was a cash
register dominated industry. We have continued to
innovate with biometrics (fingerprint ID), PCI compli-
ancy and are the recognized leaders in mobility.
The best software is weak without a strong dealer
network to provide “on-site” local support. All POS
vendors claim to have good support but providing
a remote technician who has never been to your
restaurant is not the best answer. Digital Dining dealers
are trained and experienced in food service technolo-
gy. They are intimately familiar with your operation
and staff, and they are local to your business.
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